Kyla Oglesbee, wife, mother, and teacher, passed away this past Wednesday in her home of natural causes. Born in Oxford, OH, Mrs. Oglesbee moved to Cincinnati when she was 19 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in archeology from the University of Cincinnati. After marrying her husband, Jordon Kuhn,  whom she had dated since enrolled at Talawanda High School, she moved to Charleston, SC and attended the College of Charleston. There, she obtained her bachelors and masters degrees, and began teaching college courses when she was 25.  Kyla and Jordon had two children, Sunny and Charlie, who remember their parents being very loving and nurturing. After having her children, Kyla returned to academia, gaining her doctorate degree and becoming a faculty member of CofC. Kyla specialized in Biblical archeology, and is remembered as someone who was passionate and dedicated to uncovering the truth about subjects such as the Gnostic gospels. Her controversial writing and discoveries in the field led to contention, but also a notable change in attitudes regarding the Gnostic gospels. Kyla traveled to the middle east to excavate many times in her life, oftentimes bringing her family with her. When her children were in high school, the family moved together to Israel so that Kyla could further her research while on sabbatical. Kyla obtained tenure at her alma mater, the College of Charleston, and had a successful career. She retired at the age of 65 and moved to Savannah, GA with her husband. She became a philanthropist and restaurateur when the couple opened up a steak house, Sunny’s, which is still held esteem in the Savannah restaurant elite. The couple enjoyed their entrepreneurship and retirement together, until Jordon’s passing two months ago. Kyla died peacefully in bed, of natural causes, this past Wednesday. She will be remembered as someone who was devoted and truth-seeking, open minded and loving.